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System integrator with large capacity and long experience

Jacobsen Elektro supplies complete relay protection and control systems for substations. We have delivered more than 100 relay protection – and control systems since 1994, when Jacobsen Elektro started construction of substations. Jacobsen Elektro has a large team of experts in relay protection and control systems, with experience at voltage levels up to and including 420 kV.

Our framework agreements (2009-2014 and 2015-2019) with Statnett shows that our experience and our solutions meet the straight quality requirements of the Norwegian energy suppliers.

Protection Relays

Relay protection limits the extent of damage and the consequences of faults in the electrical network. Relay protection is a vocation or trade, where Jacobsen Elektro has the most skilled and largest team in Norway.

Jacobsen Elektro has been a manufacturer of Protection Relays since Jacobsen Elektro invented the distance Protection Relay in the 1930s and until 2017. The 9. generation of Protection Relay was RefleX2. This was an advanced Protection Relay with a user-friendly interface. The 3000 units produced was showing that this was a durable Protection Relay. Although the production of own relays know is terminated, we focusing even harder to deliver high-end protection and control systems

Jacobsen Elektro has in-depth expertise on Relay protection from other vendors, and deliver this where required filling the customer’s specifications. Jacobsen Elektro can deliver relay protection from Sprecher Automation and ABB to mention a few.

Control system

Control system allows for monitoring local or/and remote. Jacobsen Elektro has many engineers with extensive knowledge of how high voltage power systems work, and how the control system must be constructed.

In Norway, we represent our partner, Sprecher Automation based in Austria with a modern control system tailored for our customers needs. Our portfolio also includes RTU (Remote Terminal Units) which also monitors and controls distributed breakers and likewise relays in the distribution network. This excellent cooperation has more than 15 years of history. In Norway, we supply regulators for the transformer tap-changer and Peterson’s coils from A. Eberle of Germany

Jacobsen Elektro can supply conventional control systems if the customer so desires.