• Expertise, relay protection, network analysis
  • Protection relay application plans
  • Test of protection relay
  • Service and periodic maintenance of relay protection
  • Remote protection in distribution net
  • Power Grid Analysis
  • Short Circuit Analysis
  • Ground Fault Analysis
  • Load flow Analyzes
  • Stability Analyzes
  • Motor Start Analysis
  • Arc calculation and classification of electrical systems (IEEE and NEPA70)

High level of competence within Electrical power systems with extensive experience.

The utilization of modern electric power systems is increasing rapidly, and the demands of stability and reliability is greater than ever. This requires high system competence, good tools, careful analysis and systematic maintenance programs.

Jacobsen Elektro AS has one of the largest research groups within electrical power in Norway. Our employees have high professional competence and are our most important success factor. A perfect mix of employees with extensive experience and younger workers with ability and willingness to learn makes us prepared to meet any challenge now and in the future. Our core competence is Relay protection – Relay application plans and services, control systems and analysis of electrical systems.

We have good knowledge of components and systems. Identifying the right components for your system is a result of our complete understanding and solid experience. Use of correct components will provide the optimal performance. Jacobsen is certified at various levels like relay protection and control system in a substation, to extensive knowledge on how electrical power systems linking together consumption and production can be optimized.

Jacobsen Elektro can through experience, training and development and the use of advanced tools, guarantee that customers receive the best electrical system they requested.

By using our services, the customer benefit from the following:

  • Improved access through the power grid by ensuring selectivity between relay protections
  • Improved stability of power grid by reducing the time fault is on (ride-through-fault)
  • Improved safety for people and surroundings by ensuring that any fault is disconnected
  • Reducing costly misshapes, by limiting or preventing damage to equipment through the minimization of the time faults are allowed to appear in the system.
  • Reduced operating costs and penalties by avoiding unwanted disconnections (malfunctions)
  • Reduced operating costs and penalties through faster fault localization and reenergizing the power

Protection Relay Application Plans

Jacobsen Elektro has produced relay application plans since 1984. We are now preparing about 1,300 relay application plans per year. We use our proprietary tool ProDocX, to perform this work. ProDocX makes us time-efficient and ensures optimal quality.

A Relay application plan is part of an installations critical documentation (electric). Relay plans are documenting safety chain, how big faulty current are in a fault situation, type specific and detailed to individual address level on how relay protection must be programmed for the desired function.

A Relay application plans from Jacobsen Elektro documents detection level and tripping times in accordance to the DSB -and Statnett – FIKS requirements.

Protection Relay Service and periodic maintenance of relay protection

A maintained and operational relay protection is your guarantee for a safe and operational electrical system. System disturbances occur fortunately rare, but when it first happens, human life, property values ​​and power system stability depends on the protection the Relay provides within milliseconds. DSB requires the Relay is regularly tested.

Jacobsen Elektro performs test of relays from all suppliers and all kinds of protective functions. Testing of relays are a specialized task that requires continuous training and certification. By entering into a maintenance agreement for the periodic inspection of relays with Jacobsen Elektro, the customer maintain the best possible integrity of the electrical system.

We use modern test equipment like the Omicron, and can therefore carry out the work effectively. We have access to all provider programs and protocols. Good test procedures and test reports provide documented quality.

ProDocX – tools for Protection Relay Application Planning

Jacobsen Elektro has since 1984 developed its own tools for planning and mapping relays.

ProDocX is a third generation tool, now based on the Excel platform. The format of Relay application plans are standardized for all types of Protection Relays with unique and detailed forms for more than 1,000 different types of Relays.

  • Quality assurance through standardization
  • Time-saving, a thorough review upon the first time connecting the specific Relay type to the grid
  • Easily readable for implementation – minimize time spent on site

Spreadsheets based on Excel (Customers without ProDocX get Relay plans on pdf format)

Power Grid Analysis

Jacobsen Elektro AS has electrical power system expertise and using the proper equipment like Paladin Design Base (EDSA) and NetBas to analyze the network with great integrity.

Our performance include:

  • Short Circuit Analysis
  • Ground Fault Analysis
  • Load flow Analyzes
  • Stability Analyzes
  • Motor Start Analysis
  • Arc calculation and classification of electrical systems (IEEE and NEPA70)

Customer achieves:

  • Optimal operation of the power system
  • A basis for investment decisions
  • Proper sizing of electrical installations