• EPC contractor and Turn-key supplier
  • Operation & Maintenance Operator
  • New construction and rehabilitation of old plants
  • Design, planning and supervision
  • Technical/economic analysis
  • Project management
  • Logistics
  • Installation and testing
  • Service and maintenance

Long experience in EPC contracts, Engineering – Procurement – Construction

Norway has a century long tradition of designing, constructing and operating hydro power plants:
from distributed miniature power generation to main power stations directly feeding the national grid. Similarly, in the North Sea, Norway has gained extensive experience in designing, constructing and operating all types of thermal power plants with an extensive range of fuel types and technologies.

Over the past decades, Jacobsen Elektro has built a number of power stations in Africa and Asia, – in countries like Tanzania, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Equatorial Guinea and East Timor, Vietnam.

The key success factor has been the response to the customer’s requirements and tailor making the power plant solution to meet such requirements.


Gas, HFO, Diesel

Based on the client’s requirements, Jacobsen Elektro puts together packages based on the most suitable equipment/machinery that fully meet the customer’s requirements. Designing the best tailor made and cost effective solutions that will fulfil the requirements for power generation.


Jacobsen Elektro has extensive experience in the development and construction of turnkey projects in the electricity sector both in Norway and abroad. We develop and construct new power plants, as well as rehabilitate and upgrade power plants.