– Competence on electrical power system

The need for optimal use of electrical power systems is fast growing. The necessity of stability and reliablity is a consequence.

Competence on electrical power systems and components, based on experience and ability to work out thorough studies, makes Jacobsen Elektro a competitive company.

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The key success factor!

… has been the response to the customer’s requirements and tailor making the power plant solution to meet such requirements.

Protection Coordination

A major reason for large disturbances and serious damages to people and equipment is poor coordination of the protective systems. Our experts in Power System Protection co-ordinate relays of any type from any manufacturer, to ensure that the overall system is working properly.

Power system analysis

Load flow, short circuit, transient stability, loss calculations etc are performed on advanced computer caculation tools. Jacobsen Elektro is in addition capable of interpreting and prepare the results for further use.

Earth fault handling

Handling one phase to earth faults, earth fault protection relays and system earth have to be considered as a whole. System earth is how the neutral point of transformers is connected to earth. What kind of system earth is most suited for a particular network needs to be thorough considered.

Fault analysis

When dealing with protection relay, the following scenarios may occur:

  • Unknown reason for trip of circuit breaker
  • Unwanted trip of circuit breaker
  • No function when wanted trip of circuit breaker
  • To avoid similar incidents in the future, it is important to investigate properly in order to find improvements.
  • Based on experience and knowledge Jacobsen Elektro can contribute to improve.

ProDoc – Protection coordination tool

When setting relays, a large amount of information about system conditions, HV-component data, protective relays data etc. is collected. Without proper Quality Assurance and Quality Control, setting or revising the protection systems will be difficult and expensive. Since 1984 our Protection Documentation Software “ProDoc” has served as an excellent and time-saving QA and QC tool.

Training and institutional development

Our Protection experts have long experience in training power utility staff and workers. We offer expert training in Protection Co-ordination and Protection Maintenance. General training for dispatch officers or maintenance/operational staff is also available. As a high-end service we assist in institutional development creating complete Protection Application or Protection Maintenance Departments.