Jacobsen Elektro contributes to sustainable development by providing professional knowledge and innovative solutions to improve efficiency of power generation and supply of electricity, minimizing negative impact on the environment and promoting a good and safe work environment

  • ISO 9001-2015 certified
  • ISO 14001:2015 certified
  • Achilles JQS pre-qualified
  • Achilles Utilities pre-qualified
  • TransQ pre-qualifie
  • Anti-Corruption
    Based on UK Anti Bribery Act 2010
  • Corporate Social Responsivity Policy
    Based on UN Global Compact and SA8000
  • Health, Safety and Environment
    Based on OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001


“Our values and business ethics will in no way answer all ethical dilemmas we face but are intended as a basis for raising awareness. We want all our companies to show social responsibility, act professionally and have a long-term focus of everything we do.”

Foreword by the Chairman


1) Anti Corruption

The group is strictly opposed to any form of corruption. We practice a zero-tolerance policy to corruption, and act according to the United Kingdom’s Bribery Act and all other relevant legislation concerning the prevention of bribery and corruption in the jurisdiction where practice.

Included in our definition of corruption, is the action of giving, receiving, requiring or otherwise transmitting or receiving improper benefits, which are likely to affect employees or other actions towards our companies

We expect and require our employees, partners and suppliers to act in an ethical, honest and professional way in all their business dealings, and DO NOT offer, give, receive or facilitate any gift or payment which is, or may be constructed as, a bribe as well as NOT participate in similar illegal inducements in business or government relationships.

2) Human rights

The group support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights and make sure not to be complicit in human rights abuses

Non – discrimination

  • We do not engage in or support any type of discriminating practices
  • We do not engage in or support activities that would interfere with an employee’s right to exercise, observe tenets or practices, or to meet needs relating to race, gender, caste, national origin, religion, disability, sexual orientation, union membership, or political affiliation
  • We do not allow behavior from any Jacobsen employee that is discriminating or harassing in nature. Gestures, language and physical contact that are sexually coercive, threatening, abusive, or exploitative are prohibited

3) Working conditions and standards

The companies within Jacobsen Elektro Group are committed to work for the best humane workplace practices. We strive to continuously improve our Human Resource policies and procedures through education, training, communication, and employee involvement.

Labour standards:

  • We do not utilize child labour
  • We do not engage in or support the use of forced or compulsory labour

Freedom of Association & Right to Collectively Bargain

  • We recognize employees’ right to join trade unions of their choice and to collectively bargain
  • We committed to providing open lines of communication between employees and management

Working Hours

  • We comply with national legislation concerning working hours in the countries in which we operate
  • While overtime may occur, it is completely voluntary and must never exceed 12 hours per week or national legislation, whichever is the lowest


Jacobsen Elektro ensures that the wages paid for a standard work week always not only meet the national minimum wages, but also can sustain a certain standard of living for the employee

Disciplinary Practices

The company does not and will not engage in or support the use of corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion, or verbal abuse

4) Health and Safety

For Jacobsen Elektro AS, our employees are our most valuable resource and personal welfare is of the great importance to the individual’s well-being and efficiency.

Jacobsen Elektro is committed to the continuous improvement of the health and safety of its employees, and of the employees of subcontractors engaged at our worksites.

This is followed up thoroughly through our projects, and actions taken locally when needed. HSE related data are collected, aggregated up at group level, and monitored to find potential systematic health related risks across the companies in the group.

  • Our employees and contractors shall have a working environment that is health-promoting and meaningful
  • We work continuously to improve preventive safety and to increase the safety and well-being of the people who are involved in our projects

5) Climate and environment

Jacobsen Elektro supports a precautionary approach to environmental challenges, undertakes initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility, and encourages the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies

We are conscious in assisting our customers in selecting solutions which will reduce the negative environmental impact, and we will partake in and conduct ESIA studies and preparation of action plans when necessary to discover and implement optimal solutions for protecting the environment.

  • We work to reduce negative external environmental impact through development of competency and increase awareness
  • We work continuously to identify environmental aspects and monitor our CO2 emissions

6) Business partners and supplier’s relationship

Jacobsen Elektro is committed to conform national employment laws and legislation of the countries in which we operate.

  • We work to ensure that our commitment to business ethics is also respected by our supply chain and our partners.
  • We require our agents, consultants, contractors, suppliers and sub-suppliers to comply with our ethical guidelines and ethical requirements of our customers.

7) Social impact in development projects

Jacobsen Elektro Group committed to contribute to a sustainable development of the societies in which we operate.

We have contributed with humanitarian aid in several countries – especially in the African region.

The contributions have helped children with food, school and positive experiences like games and sports.

The help has always been given almost directly to the needing, and many children have experienced a better life as a result of this.

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Whistleblowing channel

We practice transparency and openness.

We understand the importance of reporting if one discovers reprehensible conditions in the company and underlines non-retaliation of such reporting

Link to reporting: https://ncr.jel.no

Jacobsen Elektro was established in 1891 and is one of Norway’s oldest electrotechnical companies

Our business covers everything from the delivery of turnkey substations and power stations – to service-related and advisory services.

We have built a large number of turnkey plants in Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia. Our customers in Norway are leading companies in the process and power-intensive industry, power producers and network owners at all voltage levels.

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